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This dedicated to the distribution of Internet by Wireless, the WiFi technology allows to accede to Internet and electronic mail in high speed and without needing cables in places like hotels, villas of summer, marries particular, palaces of congresses,…

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As it works: The radio networks WiFi (also known like WLAN, Local Wireless Netwoks Area) facilitate access to Internet without cables to the clients in establishments public. In a network of this type, the cables are replaced by radio waveses, that is to say, the WiFi technology, uses the wireless phantom for the propagation of the data. Between its main advantages: its easy installation without needing twisting the building. To use the WiFi technology is very simple:
1. The clients Roses Wireless who want to accede to the service Roses Wireless WiFi need to have portable with integrated Wireless technology (Intel Centrino) or a card Wireless PCMCIA. In addition also they must be in one of the points where Roses Wireless has cover.
2. If you satisfy these two requirements and you want to accede to Roses Wireless WiFi, need to accede to Internet Explorer so that automatically he appears you the page of welcome of the Web http://www.roses-costabrava.com, from here, presses the logo of Roses Wireless to accede to the pages that allow to select and to begin the session you, that is to say, to sail with Roses Wireless.
3. In the initial page it is necessary to select the country of the operator who offers the service, that is to say, the country where you are at those moments. At present, only you can conectarte from Spain, although next you are going also it to be able to do from other countries.
4. In the following page, you select the duration of the session (1/2 hour, 2 hours or 24 hours), and introduce the telephone number and the key to be able to begin the session. This key is sent by SMS to your movable telephone
5. From the moment at which the key is accepted, the connection settles down and the session begins to be able to sail by Internet or Intranet, to send email. … from your portable or movable device.
6. The connection to Roses Wireless WiFi can be realised with any WiFi device certificate or movable technology Intel Centrino.
* * If you have a Portable one without technology Intel Centrino, also you can accede to the service Roses Wireless WiFi by means of the rent of a WiFi device, that you can acquire in some of the establishments of the Electronic network Nicomar



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